Dasia 2018

The conference will take place in Oxford, United Kingdom, from May 29th to May 31st.

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Space Trends 2016 is out!

Space trends 2016 is out. This 5th edition has been fully revisted and the layout & contens of the report have been expanded to provide more than 500 graphs and a total of 675 pages in 8 volumes.

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Eurospace is the trade association of the European Space Industry. It is a non-profit European organisation created in 1961. Eurospace member companies today represent 90% of the total turnover of the European Space Industry. Eurospace fosters the development of space activities in Europe and promotes a better understanding of space industry related issues and problems. 

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The European Commission published on 2nd May its proposal of post-2020 multiannual financial framework (MFF), which will now have to be discussed by the...
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Position Paper: FP9-Space

The European Space manufacturing Industry contribution to the FP9-Space defintion.

Pilot Project - STEPP

On November 21st 2017 Jean-Loic Galle (Eurospace President) and Philippe Brunet (Dir I - Space Policy, Copernicus and Defence) signed the Grant Agreement formally launching STEPP (Space Technologies for Europe - Pilot Project).
The pilot project will contribute to assessing the extent to which a public private partnership through a JTI can foster private sector commitment and investment for large-scale, longer term and high-risk/reward research in the strategic area of space technologies including technology demonstrators.
The project will involve large scale and targeted consultations with space technology stakeholders in Europe.
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