CleanSpace: Eco-Design and Green Technologies - June 20th-21st

Friday, May 4, 2012 2:43:00 PM

ESA and Eurospace are jointly organising a workshop called Clean Space: Eco-Design and Green Technologies.

This 1.5 day event (June 20th-21st) will see participants and speakers from Industry, ESA, the European Commission and National Delegations. It will be held in ESTEC and the programme will soon be distributed together with the registration link.

By being a pioneer in adopting an eco-friendly approach (e.g. REACh compliance and  environmental life cycle assessment, debris mitigation) and green technologies (e.g. green materials and processes, green propellants , technology for debris mitigation), Europe can develop new processes and technologies and be well-positioned to help shape and comply with future regulations in these areas.

Mapping the road ahead saves crucial time. Enterprises that focus on meeting emerging norms gain more time to experiment with materials, technologies and processes and this yields substantial first mover advantages in terms of fostering innovation, which will enable industry to change the way they think about technologies and processes.

Alessandro Saraceni

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