Deorbiting Strategies & Cleansat Workshop

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 4:55:00 PM

  On the 17th and 18th of March 2015, ESA will hold a two day event on
  technologies for Space Debris Mitigation (SDM) and the CleanSat programme
  which promotes the evolution of LEO platforms for compliance with the SDM

  Two Day Workshop in March:
     I.      -  The  technical  day on ‘Deorbiting Strategies’ (17/03/2015) The
        Technical  Day  is  focused  on  presenting and summarising European
        knowledge   and   technology  developments  in  the  areas  of  drag
        augmentation  devices  and  solid rocket motors de-orbiting systems.
        The objective of the technical day is to review the current state of
        the  art  and shape recommendations for future research in this area
        through  highly  interactive  sessions which are designed to produce
        actionable results.
     II.     -  The CleanSat Workshop (18/03/2015) The CleanSat Workshop aims at
        involving  the  entire  chain  of  the  European space sector in the
        preparation  of  the  CleanSat  programme.  Space  Debris Mitigation
        requirements  are being enforced worldwide with a high impact on the
        design of LEO spacecraft. The development of products compliant with
        SDM  will increase the competitiveness of the European industry on a
        global  scale.  CleanSat will be an efficient framework for the fast
        implementation  of innovative technologies in upcoming LEO missions,
        promoting the development of common building blocks to stimulate the
        creation of shared supply chains, lowering development and recurrent
        costs.  This  workshop  is  an  essential  step to involve the whole
        European  space  sector in shaping the way forward for the evolution
        of the European LEO platforms.

  If  you  would like to participate in either, or both the above workshops,
  you can find more information and the registration link here.

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