Eurospace Exploration WG feedback on ESA CMIN12

Thursday, February 14, 2013 4:11:00 PM
Although the Exploration package falls short of the industry expectations, the European industry, nevertheless, welcomed the decisions made by ESA Member States at the last Ministerial Conference concerning Space exploration as they answer to the general industry concerns (Eurospace Exploration Position Paper 2012 here).
Through the approval of the MPCV (Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle) Service Module for the ISS and the confirmation of the ExoMARS program, ESA committed to both short and long-term cooperation with NASA and Roskosmos. The strong participation of ESA to these challenging programs will allow Europe to remain at the forefront of Space exploration and science.
Industry also hopes for the timely implementation of the exploration technology roadmaps, as set by ESA in coordination with the European industry. Technologies are the key enablers for Europe to contribute to international cooperation at the level it seeks, i.e. a level that will allow us to be a reliable and valuable partner when it suits, while at the same time, maintaining the possibility of autonomous mission leadership.
Sebastien Moranta
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