Eurospace position on ECSS future

Friday, December 7, 2012 1:48:00 PM

The ECSS Steering Board Eurospace representatives, MM. Fiat and Le Moine, (CTOs of Thales Alenia Space and Astrium) sent an e-mail to Mr. Wolfgang Veith, head of the ESA Product Assurance and Safety Department to express the views and concerns of Eurospace on the ECSS future:

The European Coordination on Space Standardization (ECSS) has now achieved a level of maturity and recognition among the space industry that make it a strong asset for our operations in Europe and on world markets. This complete set of space standards addressing Management, Quality and Engineering domains developed with contributions from the Space Agencies and Industry of Europe has no match worldwide. It allows efficient agreements to be found in the frame of projects within Europe but also when addressing export markets.
ECSS added value resides in the consistent baseline of documents jointly discussed between European players and supported by tailoring principles for easy adaptation to product and projects needs.This set of documents needs to be maintained according to the feedback coming from its operational use and evolution of technologies not waiting for detriemental revision time of the standards or issue of new ones if required. EUROSPACE are committed to the development and maintenance of ECSS in order for Europe to remain at the edge of space standards and to benefit in the future from the positive effects of standardization. EUROSPACE express the wish that ESA and the National Space Agencies pursue their strong involvement in ECSS and maintain the positive spirit that has allowed the development and success of ECSSECSS is our common asset, let's make it our common success!*
Michel Fiat & Michel Le Moine

This position has been endorsed as a global Eurospace position during the STWG Meeting on November 15th 2012.

Sebastien Moranta

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