Letter to ESA DG and Heads of Delegations

Friday, November 16, 2012 9:30:00 AM

On November 9th, Jean)Jacques Tortora, Secretary General of Eurospace, wrote to ESA Director General and Heads of Delegations to highlight the main staked of the upcoming Council at inisterial level, and urging them to maintain a consistent level of effort with a view of:

  • Pursuing the partnership with industry aiming to support its competitiveness, in particular through the swift implementation of the top five recommendations stemming from the ESA-Industry consultation that took place during the first semester 2012;
  • Paving the way to enable the deployment of future effective and sustainable Europe-led space- based infrastructures to serve the needs of European citizens and institutions;
  • Consolidating the position of Europe in space which is a key condition for Europe to get the share it deserves in future international cooperations;
  • Continuing to promote scientific excellence.

You can download the the letter here.

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