Sharing A Future Satellite Communications Capability For Governmental Purposes: Position Paper from EUROSPACE

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 10:22:00 AM

In December 2013 the EU Council (Heads of States & Governments) reaffirmed its commitment to “delivering key capabilities and addressing critical shortfalls through concrete projects by Member States, supported by the European Defence Agency”. To this end it authorized inter alia further efforts towards “the next generation of Governmental Satellite Communication through close cooperation between the Member States, the Commission and the European Space Agency”. 

In this context, Eurospace, the European Trade Association of the space manufacturing industry, has just published a position paper with a view to expressing its full support to the GOVSATCOM initiative and also signal its readiness to contribute to the discussions aiming to prepare for the post-2025 generation possibly through a new paradigm.

From a European space manufacturing Industry perspective this initiative represents a compelling case of the value-added of a European approach to the benefit of the EU, its Member States and the European Industry. Its success will be benchmarked against the criteria of (i) the impact on the competitiveness of this sector and (ii) the satisfaction of the European and National Governmental needs for autonomous, secure, satellites-enabled communications across the world.

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