Technology Harmonisation Panel

The Technology Harmonisation Panel (THP) is the technical support group of SRTC.

It is composed of technology experts from industry, laboratories and academia, all contributing to the building and preservation of European space sector capabilities and readiness. THP members are not necessarily Eurospace members, they can be from non member organisations.

The THP is the principal interlocutor to ESA and EU for all activities relevant to technology roadmapping and prioritisation. It supports in full the ESA-coordinated Technology Harmonisation process (download the Harmonisation information note here and the harmonisation brochure here) and issues annually the updated list of Space R&T priorities (see latest issue here).

The THP is strong of more than 1500 members from all EU countries, covering the full span of space technology expertise, it supports technology strategy processes in a fully transparent and voluntary way. It is the largest working body of Eurospace.

The THP is co Chaired by Serge FLAMENBAUM (Airbus D&S) and Rolf JANOVSKY (OHB). It is managed by Jean-Charles TREUET.

If you want to join the THP please contact Eurospace.

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