The European Space Industry in 2014 - Pre-release

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 2:40:00 PM

Eurospace announces the upcoming publication of its annual Facts & Figures report. The report is currently being prepared and will be released by the end of June.

As usual the report data is elaborated based on the questionnaires returned by companies in the European space sector. in 2015 we have included 213 companies in our economic model and have received data updates from almost 100 companies, representing more than 90% of the total assessment.

We have prepared a summary of key facts for download here.

Key facts in 2014

Final sales worth 7.25 B€ (+6%)  - Direct industry employment 38 233 FTE (+6%) - 70% of space industry workers hold university degrees and above, a particularly high rate of qualified employment securely rooted in Europe. Women represent more than 20% of space industry employees.
Continued sector growth despite a difficult economic context. Growth in the sector has led to the creation of additional high skilled jobs in Europe.
A resilient and stable business with a cyclical component, where synergies between institutional programmes and commercial competitiveness are essential.
The core business of the European space industry is with European public customers (more than half of sales). As a whole European customers (public and private) represent more than 75% of total sales.
The institutional market has been supported by stable budgets (yet receding in constant economic condition).
Sales to European institutions grew by 240 M€ in 2014 (mostly due to ESA and national programmes including the defence). Sales associated to EU programmes managed by ESA have been very slightly receding.
Exports increased by 195 M€ in 2014 (mostly relevant to government programmes outside EU)
The commercial market has been marked by the cycle uptake since 2005, but cycle downturn is already perceivable in sales (receding by 100 M€) and in lower order intakes reported by companies in recent years.


Pierre Lionnet

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